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Club members have organized the volunteer Nordic Patrol at Mount Rainier National Park since its beginning in 1993.  Any club member, 18 years and older, with the necessary skills and equipment, is eligible to serve as a Patroller.  We accept snowshoers and a wide range of skiing abilities. Patrol Leaders must complete training annually.  Nordic Patrol is staffed on winter weekends and selected holidays. The season starts when the meadows and trails are covered with enough snow and can extend well into April.

Our patrol area includes the trails and slopes around the Jackson Visitor Center at Paradise and lower Mazama Ridge - including Reflection Lakes and the Tatoosh Range. These areas see the most visitor activity and are the focus of Nordic Patrol. Typically, Nordic Patrol does not patrol above Glacier Vista.  When snow keeps the road to Paradise closed, we patrol the trails around Longmire Village. 

Patrol duties include; Greeting and assisting visitors, marking trails, maintaining signs, roping-off hazards, shoveling snow, and assisting Park personnel. On occasion, Nordic Patrol may assist with search and rescue of lost or injured visitors. 

Nordic Patrol works closely with Rangers and is in contact with Park dispatch throughout the day. The Park provides radios, avalanche transceivers, 4-wheel drive truck, and housing in Longmire Village. 

Revised: 8/23/15

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