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Washington Ski Touring Club

Thank you to Nordic Patrol

The season for Patrol at Mt Rainier National Park has come to a close. A special thank you to Jon Epstein for coordinating the Patrol this season and working with the Park Rangers to implement some new procedures.  And many thanks to the 37 members who patrolled, assisted visitors with directions, helped with rescue of an injured boy, assisted in a search mission, and put up with lots of skiing in the rain.

  Check out this fantastic and comprehensive video clip by Denis Du Bois from a recent patrol weekend!

Join the 2015-2016 Board!

Interested in helping out on the Board? We'd love your energy and ideas! If interested, please contact one of us on the current Board.

Board for 2014-2015 Season

  • President - George Whyel
  • Programs - Maria Lamarca
  • Treasurer - Ginnie Miller
  • Secretary - Barbara Mandula
  • Member Data - Jean Davis
  • Web Administrator - Sharon Chen
  • New Member Liaisons - Phil Molin, Jacque Vail
  • Trip Coordinator - Randy Oakley
  • Nordic Patrol Coordinator - Jon Epstein


April 16, Thursday 6 pm - Spring Potluck!  We'll be back at the Mount Baker Community Club. Bring food to share, gear to sell, and clothing to donate.  Come early if you can help set up.

We are trying out online voting for WSTC questions, elections, and issues. Here's a simple one to start our test -- it's about whether you are coming to the spring potluck

  Will you attend?


The Washington Ski Touring Club is a Seattle-based, recreation-oriented club of about 360 members who organize nordic classic, skate, telemark,and backcountry touring ski trips.  We also have a monthly meeting with interesting programs on equipment, tours, weather, ski destinations, etc. (October to May).


We love to ski and encourage you to join us!  Our monthly meetings and potluck events are open to all. However, much of our website such as Multi-Day Trips, Discussion Forums, Nordic Patrol, and Weekend Weather forecasts are available only to Members. 

Got Photos?

Do you have some trip or event photos you'd like to share? To add them to our Photo Pages, click on the arrow next to YOUR Name that is in the upper right corner of the home page. Click on Profile. When your Profile shows, one of the items is Website/Photo Albums. Take it from there - it's easy.




 The view from Echo Ridge ski trail.