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Washington Ski Touring Club

Late Winter and Springtime Ski Tours in Western Washington

7p.m., Thursday March 2, 2017
Top floor, NW corner
REI, 222 Yale Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

Presenter: Jim Brisbine, Mountain Man

As the short, gray days of winter evolve into the longer, brighter days of spring, new backcountry ski touring opportunities arise.  Plowed roads give access to higher trailheads, and corn snow allows for faster travel.  WSTC member Jim Brisbine showcases a variety of local destinations in his photo presentation.  Touring locations will include Mt. Baker, Washington Pass, Stevens Pass, Snoqualmie Pass, Crystal Mountain, and the Goat Rocks area.  He will also discuss some of the mountain hazards unique to springtime ski touring.

2016-2017 Board Members

  • President - Ginnie Miller
  • Vice President - Jim Wright
  • Treasurer - Tom Jacobi
  • Secretary - Barbara Mandula
  • Trips Coordinators - Russ Hamerly, Jo-Ann Payne
  • New Member Liason - Jacquelyn Vail, Philip Molin
  • Programs Coordinator - Maria Lamarca
  • Member Data - Dede Chinlund
  • Nordic Patrol Liaison with the NPS - Denis Dubois
  • Webmasters - Laura Barrera, Jim Gold, James Hamaker

'WSTC in the 90s'

A Big Thanks to Ginnie Miller and Jean Davis for putting together this slideshow!




The Washington Ski Touring Club is a Seattle-based, recreation-oriented club of about 360 members who organize nordic classic, skate, telemark,and backcountry touring ski trips.  We also have a monthly meeting with interesting programs on equipment, tours, weather, ski destinations, etc. (October to May).

We love to ski and encourage you to join us!  Our monthly meetings and potluck events are open to all. However, much of our website such as Multi-Day Trips, Discussion Forums, Nordic Patrol, and Weekend Weather forecasts are available only to Members. 

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 The view from Echo Ridge ski trail.


February 2: Snow & Spire: A 15-Year Retrospective

Presenter: John Scurlock, Photographer


Scurlock has photographed mountains and glaciers from the air for the past 15 years and he’ll show a selection of his favorite images and share the stories behind them. Enjoy stunning views of the places we usually see only from the vantage point of our skis or hiking boots: the North Cascades, the Cascade Range in Washington and Oregon, the southern Coast Mountains of British Columbia, the Rockies of Canada and the US, the Columbia/Purcell mountains of BC and the Coast Mountains of Northwest British Columbia/Southeast Alaska. The plane he uses on these excursions? One he built himself from a kit!

Since 2007, Scurlock has been involved in a project to photograph every glacier in the lower 48 states, in cooperation with a glaciologist at Portland State University.